Saturday, March 15, 2014

Afternoon Tea

La la la la laaa! Off to drink some tea.
Who's feeling fancy today? I am!!
     Today, Kaya and I went out for our usual Saturday morning tea. I had vanilla, she had green, and we both shared a plate of biscuits. Delicious! The café we dine at is upscale, so we always wear our best clothing and jewelry. This week, I even styled my hair, which is quite uncommon. I love how easy my short hair is to care for, but today, I wanted to change it up a bit. Taking pieces of hair from either side of my face, I twirled them to the back of my head. Then, I took my other hairs an pinned them straight up. What do you think? I love how different I look--it really helps me stand out!
Sweaters that tie, not button? Woah!
Sweaters that tie, not button? Woah!
     First, let's discuss this outfit's color palette. As you can see, the dress is composed of a few different pinks and oranges, maybe some gray in the center. I love the way each color fades from one to the next; it reminds me of a sunrise. In order to find accessories to match this complexly colored dress, I kept that sunrise thought in mind. What other colors can you see in a sunrise? Purple immediately popped into my head.
Let's talk jewelry.
Let's talk jewelry.
     Throwing on a purple cardigan, my dress looked better instantaneously, the colors so much more vibrant. Knowing which color made my dress look best, I decided to incorporate similar purple jewelry and purple(ish) shoes into the rest of the outfit. I can't even describe how much better it outfit looked! But don't worry if you can't find accessories in the exact same color. My necklace (which is actually a human necklace), gives the outfit dimension because it's not the same exact color. The pearls are black, but when light bounces off of them, they look purple. How cool is that! 
Spring flowers vs. winter snow. Hmmm.
Ooo, is this detailing pretty or what?
     When styling anything, not just dresses, really think about a color theme for your accessories. Chose a color that complements your outfit, then wear accessories in different shades of that color. This will help streamline your look, and prevent accessories from overpowering other outfit pieces. Also, just a general tip: always wear accessories! I figured you all know this, but I wanted to remind you just in case. Accessories are a way to elaborate your outfit, help bring out certain aspects of a dress or a pair of pants you really like. Maybe I should do an accessories master post. How does that sound? 
It's a bit chilly for bare legs. Oops!
It's a bit chilly for bare legs. Oops!
     Well, Kaya's calling, she needs some help with something. It's part of an extra special surprise post over the next few days. Get ready (hint hint: it has to do with yesterday's post)! Try an outfit like this at home: Throw on a dress, then a similarly colored sweater, preferably one color. Then, incorporate accessories of that color. This is the easies trick in the book for gorgeous outfits!
Stay fashionable,

Necklace: Local boutique
Earring Studs: Pretty Party Earrings
Earring Dangles: Everyday Play Earrings
Dress: Local boutique

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lazy Day

Hey! Welcome back!
Hey! Welcome back!
     Hey guys! Guess what? Spring is finally on the way! The flowers have begun to bloom, the temperature is warming up, and Kaya and I are very excited. I can't wait to start wearing shorts again, and she can't wait to finally walk to the library! But with all the sunny days we've been having, today was quite a disappointment. It was gray, cloudy, and all around belch. I decided to have a lazy day at home, catching up on some reading and browsing through Etsy. So many are shops releasing their spring collections, and I couldn't help but snatch up a few items. Maybe you can combine some new Etsy purchases with ideas from my blog. How cool would that be?
What am I looking at? Take a guess in the comments!
Gazing into the distance, deep in thought.
     When I think lazy day clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is oversized items. Big sweaters, sweatpants--stuff you can flop around in. That's what I tried to wear today. See how loose and flowy everything is? My clothing feels weightless; I could be walking on a cloud! Anyway, try mixing oversized items with slightly tighter pieces. Here, I wore a loose shirt paired with a tight mini sweater. This prevents you from drowning in your clothing. Besides sweaters, you can also wear skinny jeans to balance everything out, or add a belt.
Infinity scarfs are so much cuter than regular ones.
Infinity scarfs are so much cuter than regular ones.
     Another lazy day favorite of mine is scarves, but especially the infinity kind. If you aren't aware, infinity scarves are simply one giant loop (hence the name "infinity") of fabric which you can wrap around your neck multiple times. They are so much easier to wear than regular scarves, and a whole lot cuter. 
     I associate scarves with lazy days because of their usefulness (and, well, comfort, but you know that). You can add a scarf to any, and I mean any outfit, and it will immediately look better, while same time staying comfortable. Sweatpants and a pajama top? Add a scarf an you're good to go! In a
previous post, I mentioned using a patterned piece to bring your entire outfit together, like I did with this scarf. Go cheek that out to learn more!
Love this detailing!
Love this detailing!
     Let's face it. These pants are ugly, and should probably be burned. Why am I wearing them? They were a gift from my grandmother, and she wanted to see me incorporate them into an outfit. They look like men's pajama pants to me. Ew, ew, ew! But guess what? I know how to fix them! Ivy's tip of they day: don't like a clothing item? Change it! These pants fit fine, I just detest their bagginess. To fix this, I will be cutting and hemming them to make shorts. How cool is that! Try looking at local stores for cheap doll clothing, and then play around on a sewing machine to fix them up!
     The weird cardigan thing I'm wearing was actually an ugly shirt I modified. I simply snipped off the velcro, then hemmed the edges so they wouldn't fray. And don't worry if you have limited sewing experience (like me!), changing items is super, duper easy: everything is already made for you!
These shoes give this outfit a pop of masculinity.
Hiking, anyone?
     To complete the outfit, I added these hiking shoes. With all of the clothes I'm wearing looking so light and pretty, I wanted to add some toughness. These shoes remind me of stomping through the woods with their laces and dark coloring, but still match nicely because of the red patches. Try an outfit like this at home: Mix flowy and tight clothing to create contrast, or throw on a scarf to tie your look together. Modify strange clothing items to your liking, or sprinkle a but of "toughness" into your outfit, through a motorcycle jacket or lace-up boots. You'll be surprised by the results!

Stay fashionable,

Scarf: Handmade by Ivy
Cardigan: Local boutique, then modified by Ivy
Shirt: Julie's Summer Skirt Set
Pants: Local boutique
Shoes Wilderness Outfit

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ivy!

     Hello everyone, it's me, Kaya! This is my first post ever, and I'm beyond excited. Ivy's so generous to share her blog with me, and I can't wait to share my ideas with you all. Over the last few days, I have been planning and wrapping and baking non-stop. You see, yesterday, February 28, was Ivy's birthday! I wanted to do something extra special this year, so I planned a surprise party. You can see what happened in the photo story below. Enjoy!
IMG_2844     The table was set--I had wrapped Ivy's gifts, baked a cake, and put out the plates. All that was left to do was wait. Suddenly, I heard footsteps. Ivy was coming! I crouched behind the table, and then-
     "Surprise!" I popped up, waving my arms about as Ivy gasped. 

IMG_2846     "I can't believe it," Ivy exclaimed. "Is this all for me?"

     "Of course," I said, a smile appearing on my face. "It's your birthday!"

     "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Ivy was beyond happy; nothing could ruin her day. "Can we have some cake? I'm starving!"

     "Sure," I responded. "I made your favorite!"
IMG_2850     Before we even had the chance to sing, Ivy had plucked out the candle and begun cutting the cake. Now if you're wondering why the frosting is smeared so haphazardly, well, frosting isn't exactly my cup of tea. I can bake, I'm like the queen of baking, but frosting? That's another story. Here, let me demonstrate my skills:
IMG_2851     See? Look at that, I filled the cake with chocolate! Ivy was so surprised, she dropped the knife. "Wow Kaya, you really put a lot of work into this cake. I mean, your frosting skills aren't the best," she said giggling. "But your baking? It's superb!"

     Soon enough, Ivy and I were gobbling down the cake like we'd never eaten before. "This is sooooo good," Ivy moaned, her mouth stuffed with cake.

     "Thanks," I replied cheerily. "But, um, Ivy?"
IMG_2857     "Yeah?" She asked, looking up at me.

     "You've got a little something." I couldn't contain it any more; I burst out laughing!

     "Hey, I can't help it! This cake tastes like it was rolled in the clouds of heaven!"
IMG_2858     Next, it was time for gifts. I handed Ivy a present, and she tore it open excitedly.
     "Wow, I can't believe it! I've been wanting these for so long!" Ivy gazed down at the small metal trinkets, light bouncing of of them. "Thank you, Kaya. I really appreciate this."
      "You're welcome," I said. "Anything for my best friend!"


     Ivy also received some of her favorite lotion and a watercolor pallet I found at the art store. She absolutely adores this lotion, but ran out recently and hadn't had a chance to buy some more. That's where I came in. Kaya to the rescue!


     I bought the paints because she had been talking about going to the art studio for a while (Note from Ivy: remember the post Art Smart?). She was very grateful and excited. Then, we were onto the large gift.

IMG_2875     Peeling back the gold and black patterned paper, Ivy squealed in delight. "No way! You got me something from American Girl! Their clothing is so fashionable!"
IMG_2879      Then at lightening speed, she ripped off the paper and pulled the box open.
IMG_2880     Inside she discovered a white romper, a bandana, and a pair of orange flip flops.
IMG_2883   "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, thank you!" By this time Ivy was hyperventilating in excitement. "I've wanted this outfit for such a long time! Thank you Kaya, thank you!" 

     "I knew you would love it," I said, a small smile appearing on my face as Ivy slipped the flip flops on to her hands.

     "I wonder how I can incorporate this outfit on to  the blog," Ivy wondered to herself. I chuckled quietly to myself, pleased with her reaction. "What?"

     "Nothing," I said. "I'm just glad you love your gift so much."
IMG_2887     "Oh Kaya," Ivy said running over to hug me, the flip flops still on her hands. "Thank you for the best best birthday ever."

Ivy's Shirt: Weekend Fun Outfit
Ivy's Overalls: Local Boutique
Kaya's Vest: Wilderness Outfit
Kaya's Shirt: Forever18Inches
Kaya's Pants: Weekend Fun Outfit
Ivy's New Outfit: Ivy's Rainbow Romper 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Where should  I go for winter break? Tell me in the comments!
Time to hit the airport!
     Hello, all! Today I plan on discussing one of my favorite topics: travel! Traveling is a great way to introduce yourself to new cultures and their customs, something I think is very important. When my photographer took my sister Kaya and I to China, we got to try new foods, see new things, and learn more about my heritage. I think it's incredibly important to be aware and respectful of all cultures and people in this world, and traveling is a great way to achieve this. Kaya and I may not have enjoyed every food we tasted, or thought every piece of art we saw was beautiful, but we were still respectful, and that's what's important.
     Like travel, I wanted this outfit to be fun, but at the same time safe and comfortable. Whether I'm trekking through the Amazonian rainforest or shopping through 5th Avenue, I want to have an exciting experience. At the same time, I don't want to get bitten by a piranha or run over by a taxi. That would be bad. This outfit looks fun with all the bright colors and sparkles, but is also. "safe". In this fashion world, I hope it inspires you to create a travel outfit of your own!
Ah, tulle and rhinestones, my BFFs.
Ah, tulle and rhinestones, my BFFs.
     What does this headband remind you of? It reminds me of 2014 Girl of the Year, Isabelle!  For some odd reason, I couldn't get Isabelle out of my mind today, and whatever's on my mind gets incorporated into my daily style. How convenient. As you know, Isabelle is a ballerina, so this outfit includes small ballet-related details, like this headband. Tutu's is a stretchy, netted material that many tutus are made out of, along with my headband, which is conveniently pink, a color closely associated with ballet. The rhinestone in the middle also reminds me of Isabelle--she has so many sparkly items in her collection! Have you bought Isabelle or any of her clothing and accessories? Tell me in the comments!
This vest is too darn adorable!
This vest is just too adorable!
     The vest I'm wearing was originally from a set called "The Wilderness Outfit"--how befitting, as today's topic is travel! One of my favorite things to do while traveling is go on hikes or take a dip in the ocean. The world is such a beautiful place, I need to see more of it! I paired this best with a short-sleeved tee to keep warm. One thing I love about vests is that they don't restrict your arms; I'm free to move as I like. The tee underneath is a turtleneck, which is quite strange seeing how short the sleeves are. I like it, it's weird. Bringing the focus back to ballet, we have to the appliqué on the shirt. It's purple. It's sequins. 'Nuff said.
These shoes are perfect for slipping on and off at airport security.
These shoes are perfect for slipping on and off at airport security.
Travel is exciting because you get to take risks, and in this outfit I took a pretty big risk: wearing ballet flats. Remember my number one rule? Don't sacrifice comfort for fashion? Well I broke it again. Ugh. I need to grasp control of myself. Fashion is taking over! While these shoes are pretty and appropriate for the airport, we all know I would get blisters if I were to wear them while strolling the streets of Paris and hopping in and out of museums. Again, these shoes fit the ballet theme. It couldn't get any more obvious than ballet flats.
My bag is packed!
My bag is packed!
     Last but not least, my suitcase. It came with a bunch of travel stickers to decorate with, but I can't seem to find them. Hmmm, maybe I'll go hunt them down. This suitcase completes my Isabelle theme. So far, I've had a few twinges of purple here and there: my headband (really, it was pink), the appliqué, and my shoes, but this suitcase rounds it all out!     Try an outfit like this at home: take inspiration from a person or doll like I did with Isabelle. Incorporate bright colors and patterns like, Julie, the 70s girl, or try adding some southwestern flair, like last year's Girl of the Year, Saige. Well, I have a plane to catch, see you tomorrow!
Stay fashionable,

Headband: Sweet Savannah Dress
Suitcase: Travel Set

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Walk

The wind is tossing my hair around!
     Today I ventured into the snowy wilderness to take pictures, and boy was it cold! But on such a beautiful day, how could I resist going outside? To keep warm, I wrapped myself in a gorgeous, ruby red trench coat. It's my favorite winter accessory, and I always cuff the sleeves and pop the collar for a more mysterious vibe. For fashion purposes, I belted the coat open, showing off my outfit underneath. I do not recommend doing this regularly, though. My number one rule is that however cute your outfit is, do not sacrifice personal comfort for the sake of fashion! It's a bumpy road that only goes downhill. You've been warned, so stay safe!
     I adore my ruby trench for a few reasons: its warmth, its color, and its length. Let me explain that last one. Not only are long coats extra warm, but the way they sweep my feet makes me feel extra princess-y. Also,  wearing something short underneath a long coat, like I do here, produces an amazing contrast. It's quite eye-catching, long vs. short! I think this coat really completes my look. What do you think? Tell me in the comment section! 

I love this belt's rustic vibe!
I love this belt's rustic vibe!
     This belt is the prize gem of my collection, and guess what? I made it yesterday! While digging through her closet, my photographer discovered a "skinny belt" (it's a special style of belt) from her childhood that no longer fit. Realizing it could be doll-sized, we snipped the belt to fit my waist perfectly. Isn't it just darling? It reminds me of log cabins, chopping wood, and warm winter nights. I can't believe it only took me a few seconds to make!
     Story time's over now, back to fashion! It's time for me to tell you a secret, the secret to why this outfit works! I mean, I'm wearing purple tights, a multicolor striped skirt, and a trench coat. Reading that sentence, an image of a fashionably-challenged clown comes to mind. Anyway, here's why it works: color, color, color. Look closely at the colors on the skirt, and then look at the pieces I'm wearing. See a resemblance? I thought so. There are red, purple, blue, white, and orange stripes in my skirt, and I'm wearing a red coat, purple tights, blue shoes, a white top, and an orange-ish belt. Astonishing how well it all works together, isn't it! 

Ahhh, my clogs. Comfy and casual.
Ahhh, my clogs. Comfy and casual.
     These clogs are one of the best purchases I have ever made from American Girl. They are of the utmost quality, and are such a rich, blue color. Too bad they're retired. You can probably find them on Ebay though, along with a brown and red pair. Go check that out! Try an outfit like this at home: mix clothing of different lengths for some variation, and tone down busy pieces by incorporating their colors into the rest of the outfit. 

Stay fashionable,


Top: Isabelle's Rosette Leotard
Coat: Local boutique
Belt: Handmade by Ivy
Skirt: Julie's Summer Skirt Set
Tights: Go Anywhere Outfit
Shoes: Blueberry Clogs

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Signs of Spring

I love the fun, bright colors in this outfit!
I love the fun, bright colors in this outfit!
     Hey all, Ivy here! I have a wonderful outfit prepared for you today. It was inspired the beautiful flowers of springtime, but is still comfortable enough for these last few weeks of winter. In my corner of the world, the weather has been warming up (45° F!), and I'm getting excited for spring. Birds chirping, grass peeking out from beneath the snow, the world slowly waking up, I love it! In this outfit, I took these springtime ideas and wrapped them up into a  bundle of cozy winter fun. Enjoy!
Saige had such a nice collection. This necklace was my favorite part!
Saige had such a nice collection. This necklace was my favorite part!
      The vest I'm wearing is adorable; I love that it's not a bright, harsh, white color. Instead, it's a beautiful cream shade which can be matched easily. It lays flawlessly across my chest, creating a wonderful strip of color down the center. This way, it acts as a frame for my necklace, giving it the perfect place to hang. Vests are a great way to give an outfit more flair. Not only are they cute, but they aren't too bulky and can be worn during any season.
Thumbholes: yes or no? Tell me in the comments. 
     Ever heard of color blocking? If not, you've come to the right place! Color blocking is a fashion term that describes the usage of multiple, single colored clothing items in an outfit. In this ensemble, I used color blocking by matching a pink sweater and green skirt, but you can color block with all sorts of colors. Try matching deep purples and emerald greens, or sky blues and daffodil yellows. Avoid using prints though, sticking to single colored clothing items will prevent your outfit from becoming too busy. Still, don't be afraid of getting wacky, that's the whole point of this trend!

This trim is such a nice touch--it really spruces things up.
Trim is such a nice touch--it really spruces things up!
     I adore the ruffles on this skirt, they give my outfit a little extra sparkle. As said before, this ensemble was inspired by springtime, but more specifically, flowers. Let me explain. The boots, which are a light, earthy, brown color, are the roots. The skirt is the stem, and my favorite part, this trim, is like leaves. The shirt, vest, and necklace (which conveniently has a flower on it) are the bloom, the most beautiful part of the flower. 
     Modeling outfits after real objects, like I did here, not only ensures a aesthetically pleasing look, but it's also loads of fun! 
Experiment with these examples:
Bird                                         Pencil                                     Tree
Beak-Orange headband          Graphite-Gray scarf                Leaves-Green shirt
Body-Blue shirt                        Wooden Tip-Tan shirt             Trunk-Brown pants
Wings-Black pants                   Body- Yellow Pants                Roots-Black boots
Feet-Orange shoes                  Eraser-Pink shoes                 Birds/flowers-colorful bracelets
My meet boots in two words: simple & stylish.
These boots are simple yet stylish.
     Try an outfit like this at home: Go ahead--experiment with color blocking in your next outfit! I recommend looking at a color wheel beforehand. This way, you'll know which colors look great together. Also, be aware of your surroundings. Inspiration comes from everywhere, so take a look around--you might just spot your next outfit! 

Stay fashionable,


I had a bit of trouble getting up the stairs:
Help me!